Quintel Intelligence

About Q.I.

Founded as a spin-off from a strategy consultant, we believe that better and more accessible information on energy systems will enhance society's abilities to cope with the challenges it faces now and in the future.

Mission & Vision

High oil prices, energy security, climate change, air pollution, food and water shortages: many challenges we face today relate to the way we have designed our energy system.

We believe that a better understanding of energy systems and connected food and water systems will help society to deal with current and future challenges.

That is why together with our partners we are expanding the Energy Transition Model, give presentations and contribute to various education projects.


In 2008, when we were still working at Quintel Strategy Consulting (now AT Kearney), quite a few of our clients were concerned about the future because the oil price started to climb to unprecedented levels.

We started to look for a solid, transparent and flexible energy model to make future scenario analyses, but were unable to find any. So, we decided to 'scratch our own itch' and five of us started to develop our own model.

Soon enough, this got out of hand: our first model consisted of five worksheets in Excel, but when we hit more than 30 worksheets we decided a more professional solution was in order.

In 2009 we spun off Quintel Intelligence and started to redevelop the model using Ruby, a highly dynamic programming language. We have never regretted this step.