Dorine van der Vlies

Team Lead Consulting

Why did you choose Quintel?

In a couple of decades I want to be able to look back upon a successful energy transition to which I was able to contribute. I think working at Quintel will lead me to this goal.

What do you respect in people?

Curiosity, intrinsic motivation, originality, kindness, cleverness, wittiness and many more characteristics.

What drives you crazy?

I get frustrated when meaningful work is not utilized effectively or cannot be utilized at all. This often happens when results or methods are not properly documented or when different definitions are used. As a result, previous work is not built upon, and efforts have to start from scratch again. The ETM and the work Quintel does contribute to standardization and transparency. This allows for better building on prior work. I am passionate about contributing to this!

What is your favorite quote?

“I'm not trying to defend it, I'm trying to make it understandable.”

This statement was uttered by Joop Doorman following someone exclaiming “Joop, you cannot defend this!”.

Joop Doorman made the ethics course obligatory at Delft University of Technology. In his opinion engineers without ethical awareness are a danger to society.


  • MSc Sustainable Energy Technology
  • BSc Applied Physics


  • Product development engineer at Hukseflux thermal sensors

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