Quintel Intelligence

Our Expertise

We have considerable expertise in strategy consulting, energy systems and modeling. We develop and maintain our product, the Energy Transition Model, but we also help organizations navigate the complexities of the energy transition.

Research and Consulting

In order to realistically model the entire energy system of a country, province or city, you need to know how it all works. We at Quintel have extensive expertise on the intricacies of (inter)national and regional energy systems.

The energy transition means an overhaul of a globe-spanning system of energy use, supply and pricing. Such changes come with a lot of uncertainty. Quintel can help organizations navigate these changes by gaining a strategic understanding of the energy transition and the the energy system as a whole.

Examples of our work

See our list of publications for examples of the kind of work we do.

Energy Modeling

Our modeling team has extensive experience in reducing the inherent complexity and interdependencies of national energy systems to their essence. With a solid background in exact sciences, our modelers distill real-life technologies and processes into functional building blocks for the Energy Transition Model.

Collective modeling

Whenever our partners request improvements or extensions of the Energy Transition Model, we collect the required data from scientific literature, our partners, experts and statistical agencies. As such, Quintel and its partners use the Energy Transition Model to pool their energy know-how in an accessible way.

Our open source model is ideally suited for collective development. We have worked with several firms and institutes, such as Alliander, Berenschot, CIEP, RUG and others.


Quintel does all its product development in-house. Our team of developers has written the calculation engine for the Energy Transition Model entirely in the Ruby programming language. This language is a dynamic, reflective, object-oriented language with an active open source community. For the ETM it offers a readable way to create, maintain and expand our modules.

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Energy Education

Quintel has also developed a range of educational material for the Dutch education system. Students from primary school to PhD level use these educational materials to interactively learn to understand the energy system better. More information can be found on Quintel's education page. (in Dutch).