Quintel Intelligence

Georgia Savvidou Energy Intern


What makes your heart beat faster?

New experiences, whether meeting new people, exploring new places or trying a new activity.

What drives you crazy?

When stereotypes undermine critical thinking... and a slow internet connection.

What do you respect most in people?

The ability to inspire people around them. Also I respect people that have a moral code, in other words people that have an answer to questions like "what do you believe in?" or "what makes you want to change the world?"

Can you tell us a riddle?

You have 9 gold coins. All 9 coins look exactly the same but one coin is fake. It is either lighter or heavier than the other 8 coins. You have a balance scale with 2 trays, but can only load it thrice. How do you find the fake gold coin and whether it is heavier or lighter?

What is your favorite quote?

I don't have a life defining quote, but one that I really like is "May your choices reflect your hopes, not you fears." - Nelson Mandela


  • MSc Energy and Environmental Sciences
  • BSc Mathematics and Statistics


  • Information Analyst at Pulse Market Research Cyprus
  • University Statistics Tutor

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