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Gerard Westerhof Developer

Portrait 800

What makes your heart beat faster?

An overdose of sugar. On a more serious note: using my skills for a bigger cause than just my wallet, a really good piece of music and sharing any noteable thing with friends.

What drives you crazy?

A lack of moral, blatant ignorance, scooters, hail stones, when someone takes the last cookie out of the package and puts the empty package back into the cupboard.

What do you respect most in people?

Honesty in combination with a healthy sense of self-mockery.

Who or what would I bring to an uninhabited island?

A fishing rod, my record player and a stack of folk records from the early 70's.

What is your favorite quote?

Nothing is enough for the man to whom enough is too little. - Epicurus


  • BIT Bachelor Of Information Technology


  • Ruby developer for 4 years
  • Doing stuff for the web

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