Quintel Intelligence

Jesse Kerkhoven Developer


What countries would you like to visit? (so that you can add it to the ETM of course.. )

I would like make a world trip in the coming years to get a glimpse of the culture of various countries. And of course to get away, to be out there and free.

Who would you most like to show the ETM to?

I would like to show the ETM to Neelie Kroes, so it becomes known in European politics and education.

What motivates you in your work?

The fact that a lot of people don't know what energy transition is. So there still is a lot of work to do to inform the world about energy transition, to motivate them and let them think about energy transition.

What do you add in your daily life to energy transition?

Working in a local organization in my city which is engaged to create an energy self-sufficient community, and that acts as a knowledge center for communities who wish to follow.

What drives you crazy?

Systems that don't work, don't function well or applications that are not easy to use.


  • Propaedeutic IT


  • Programming for the web since 2007
  • Working for Quintel since 2009
  • Founder and owner of start-up "Green-A-Tec" smart solutions