Quintel Intelligence

Internship Energy-related subjects

We try to keep the Energy Transition Model as up to date as possible when it comes to the technologies, sectors and options covered. Will you help us do so?

About the internships

We are looking for an intern that:

  • is proactive
  • is eager to learn
  • is a team player
  • has excellent academic credentials

We are offering internship positions in which you will take part in researching and implementing new technologies and additions to the ETM. Currently we are considering the following topics for energy research internships (list may change):

  1. Storage and conversion of electricity (P2P, P2H, P2G)
  2. Industry in a low CO2 future
  3. Include international transport (bunkering) in ETM
  4. Improve biomass cascades in ETM
  5. Improve inclusion of hydrogen in the energy system of the ETM

The work will mostly consist of literature research and implementation into the back end of the ETM.

Start date

As soon as possible.

Our Projects

We do quite a few energy-related projects to extend or improve the Energy Transition Model (ETM). We are currently working on adding a module to create a testing grounds (Dutch: proeftuin) within the (inter)national context of the ETM.

We can make sure that your internship has a sufficiently academic character, yet contributes to a product that people need to be able to use.


We have ample experience in conducting academic research. Since we supervise about three to four interns each year, we also have the required experience in guiding academic research.


Internships last a minimum of 6 months. We do not encourage a shorter period since it will take a significant amount of time to get to know the field of energy thoroughly. Longer periods are an option.


Our office in Amsterdam. You will be allowed to spend some of your time at another location (e.g. the university) if required.


Interns receive remuneration of 500 Euros per month. Travel expenses will be reimbursed.


Please send your resume, a motivation letter and a list of your grades to jobs@quintel.com. If you live abroad, the interview can be held on Skype or FaceTime.

About us

We answer questions like: "If everybody switched to electric cars, how many solar plants would have to be built?". The ETM is used by governments, companies and teachers to evaluate strategies dealing with events like high fuel prices, diminishing gas reserves and disruptive technologies.

Quintel develops the Energy Transition Model and is a Dutch (grown up) startup, with an office in the centre of Amsterdam. Our team gets the work done during office hours, so that we can enjoy our evenings, with the occasional after-work drinks.