Kyra de Haan


Why did you choose Quintel Intelligence?

To me, the people at Quintel seem truly motivated to contribute to the energy transition through their work (and in their personal lives as well). I'm very proud to now be part of this highly motivated team. As a modeller, I can delve into the complexity of the ETM, create and improve its elements and translate this into something tangible and understandable for our users. This is a joyous challenge that I gladly take on every day.

What do you value most in people?

Genuineness and courage.

What drives you crazy?

When my laptop is slow, needs updating or exhibits other issues that hinder my use of it. If it weren't so unsustainable and expensive, I would have thrown numerous laptops out of the window during my life.

What relaxes you most?

When I'm outside on my road bike with the sun shining brightly.


  • MSc Energy Science
  • BSc Science and Innovation Management


  • Energy advisor at Pondera
  • Energy advisor at EnergiePartners

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