Marlieke Verweij

Advisor / Modeller

Why did you choose Quintel Intelligence?

Because I have the same mission: speeding up the transition to a climate neutral society! There is not much time left, therefore I want to spend my time effectively and work for a sustainable future.

What relaxes you most?

I really enjoy travelling and especially on a bike. It is very relaxing to be outside all the time, even at night when sleeping in a tent. There is no need to make any plans, since you just have to follow the route. Also, it is very heartwarming to meet friendly people along the way that help you when you are lost.

What drives you crazy?

I do not get frustrated easily, but something that really drives me crazy is food waste. And energy waste, like terrace heating in winter. I also do not like it when people stress me out when there is no need for stress.

What do you respect most in people?



  • MSc Environmental Sciences (Technology track)
  • BSc Mechanical Engineering


  • Structural Engineer at Nuon Solar Team

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