Mathijs Bijkerk

Team Lead Modelling and Development

Why did you choose Quintel Intelligence?

I enjoy the quantitative challenge in developing a useful model about the energy transition. At the same time, actually using the model and working on the energy transition requires a qualitative perspective. I like that both of these views are combined at Quintel. Also, the office lunch is quite good.

What is your favourite book?

For fiction, my current favourites are the books in the "The Three-body Problem" series by Cixin Liu. It really changed my perspective about how desirable it would be to contact extraterrestrial life. For non-fiction I recently read "How Emotions Are Made" by Lisa Feldman Barrett, which offers a new look on how 'rational' we as humans can expect to be.

Tell us a fun fact...

Initially it was difficult to tell the difference between bright stars that were really hot and stars that were bright simply because they were close to Earth. In the beginning of the 20th century however, it was discovered that the wavelength of light from stars is stretched as it travels to Earth, because the space through which the light travels expands as well. This means that the perceived colour of light shifts to red for stars that are further away from Earth.

What is your favourite beer?

Delirium Tremens!


  • MSc Complex Systems Engineering and Management
  • BSc Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management


  • Intern at Energiebeheer Nederland
  • Intern at ABN AMRO
  • Board member at S.V.T.B. Curius

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