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Energy Transition Model Our product

The Energy Transition Model is a completely free online tool for future energy scenario analysis.

Underlying data

The Energy Transition Model has been developed in close contact with our broad range of partners. Jointly, we research any required information and cross check data with partners that have potentially opposing interests. This ensures all information is validated by very different stakeholders, such as big energy corporations and environmental organizations.

We verify internal data with academic studies and other partner organizations. We make widely accepted scientific reports that are used as sources available to the public though our ETM Reference Manager.

Currently, our library contains over 1.500 publications, of which the majority is publicly accessible (if not, this is for copyright or reasons of confidentiality).

Principle One Graph

The underlying principle of our model consists of a 'directed graph', in which energy flows through a network of interconnected objects called 'Energy Converters'.

Such an object converts energy from one form to another, in accordance with the first law of thermodynamics. This ensures that all energy in the system can be accounted for. Because the basis of our model is so simple, we can apply many complex calculations to it, such as

  • Primary energy calculations
  • Merit order calculation
  • Security of supply calculations
  • And many more...

Interfaces Four and counting...

All calculations of our model are done by the same engine. This engine is used by different applications such as:


The Energy Transition Model is used at companies for training purposes, decision making and to facilitate discussions. Also educational institutes, with an interest in the workings and the underlying data of a country's energy system can use the model.

Our API Open to all, free to use

We are currently developing the possibility for external parties such as companies, universities and others to use our API directly so that they may build their own products utilizing our calculation engine. Please contact us if you are interested in doing so.