Roos de Kok

Advisor / Researcher

What drives you crazy?

People that are all talk and no action.

What do you respect most in people?

Empathy and the ability to listen. I truly value people who are able to step into other people's shoes and imagine others' point of view.

What's your favourite band?

At the moment, Nile Rodgers & Chic. They really know how to entertain the crowd by reviving their signature funk and soul!

Who would you like to be for 24 hours?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I think it's really cool how she--being the youngest congresswoman in the United States history--has the courage to change by, for example, launching the Green New Deal.

Which problem would you like to solve?

Still so many! Among others, how to solve the global food problem and save the world from a lack of food.

Can you tell us a riddle?

Imagine that you are blindfolded and you don't see anything. In front of you, there is a pile of coins. 16 are heads up, the other ones are tails up. You cannot feel which side of the coin is heads or tails. You are allowed to move, count or flip the coins. How can you divide the coins into two piles which contain equal numbers of coins that are heads up?


  • MSc Computer Science (Data Science & Technology track)
  • BSc Industrial Design Engineering


  • Front-end developer at Liones

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