Thomas Hassing

Senior Software Developer

Why did you choose Quintel Intelligence?

Having spent time at different companies working as a software developer, I strongly felt I wanted to apply myself in a way that helps make the planet a better place to live on for everyone. After searching for quite some time I came across Quintel, which seems to be the perfect fit both in their mission and the skills required for the job!

Which goal would you like to achieve?

Moving society to place where we have less of an impact on our surroundings.

What are your responsibilities at Quintel Intelligence?

Translating the models we generate here into our Energy Transition Model application, thinking of ways to improve that application and make it run more efficient, and improve the way you interact with it.

What do you respect in people?

Having the ability to really think things through and realizing the impact and consequences that actions have, and then also use that ability consciously to visualize and realize different futures for themselves and others.

What makes your heart beat faster?

A long (trail)run through forest or mountainous area. And a bit less literal: a fiction book, movie or video game, or a good slice of pizza or lasagne!


  • BSc Environmental Management


  • Software developer and DevOps at various places
  • Founder at Hassing Web Consultancy

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