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Thomas Wilkinson Developer Intern


What makes your heart beat faster?

Feeling myself noticably improving at something, whether it's my code, my Dutch, or my backhand.

What drives you crazy?

The way many people will instantly dismiss what they read on the internet as a lie, but automatically treat everything printed in a newspaper as unquestionable objective truth. Also, the way 'child-proof' packaging seems to defeat me every time we meet.

What do you respect most in people?

Confidence - the key to unlocking life's 'easy mode'.

Who or what would I bring to an uninhabited island?

Being English I suppose suncream should be a priority. As for entertainment, an Ayn Rand novel and a set of weights would probably be enough to keep me busy for a few years. I also wouldn't mind taking my guitar, after years of owning it just to look cool it's about time I started to get good with the old thing.

What is your favorite quote?

Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn. - Thomas Wilkinson


  • BSc Bioarchaeology


  • Director at Generation i Ltd
  • CMO & Lead Writer at Beatz Magazine
  • Junior Account Executive at Accleris Marketing Communications

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