Full Stack (Ruby) Developer

Create state of the art applications and save the world at the same time!  •  Amsterdam, Netherlands
Unfortunately, this position has been filled and is no longer open.

About the job

This is the perfect time to start working at Quintel! You will be working in a field that is becoming more relevant by the day and Quintel is entering a new and exciting phase!

At Quintel, we aim to accellerate the transition from fossil to sustainable energy by providing insight into the energy system of the future. Our developers are responsible for building and maintaining applications to provide this insight.

Quintel's main project is the Energy Transition Model (ETM), made up of two parts: the ETModel frontend and ETEngine backend. We're committed to our work being as open and transparent as possible, and most of our projects are open-source.

With a steadily growing user-base which is becoming ever more international, the demands on our tooling are high and often require innovative solutions.

Quintel is a small company, but we punch well above our weight. Because our tools are used by a wide range of people, including grid operators, decision makers, consultants and academics, your contributions as a developer can have a huge impact.

What you will be doing

As the team is small, your work will typically be diverse. Developers at Quintel may one day be working on application code calculating energy flows or network loads, and on the next will be crafting beautiful front-end user experiences.

  • You will work on application code written mostly in Ruby, and front-end code written with JavasScript.
  • Time is split between maintaining existing applicatons and code, and building new features for internal Quintel users and our clients.
  • Developers collaborate heavily with Quintel's energy transition experts to make complicated ideas appear simple.
  • When required, you can directly contribute to meetings with users and clients to help shape the direction our product takes.


We are looking for a full-stack developer with at least two years of experience. Confidence in Ruby (on Rails) is a big plus. Affinity with energy and sustainability is not required but a nice bonus. Furthermore:

  • You care about shipping high-quality features and have an eye for simplicity and detail.
  • You are a generalist who feels as comfortable working on the frontend and user-experience as on backend application code.
  • You are capable of overseeing a project from initial design, through development to delivery; frequently as part of a team but also independently as needed.
  • You will use existing technologies whenever possible, but are not afraid to create new systems from scratch when no appropriate solution already exists.
  • You're comfortable working with and designing JSON APIs.
  • You have a "Can do!" mentality and are not easily discouraged by complexity.
  • Our model is intricate with many interacting pieces; you should be at ease debugging, tracking down errors and unexpected results, and diving deeply into our stack to understand how everything works.

Our technology stack

  • Ruby is the language of choice for most application code. Ruby on Rails is frequently chosen when a web framework is needed. Experience with Ruby is a significant bonus.
  • JavaScript — and increasingly TypeScript — for front-end code. Backbone.js, jQuery, and React.js are commonly used.
  • MySQL is used for persistent data storage.
  • Git is used to version control our applications, and also by our energy transition experts to manage data.
  • Linux / Ubuntu Server powers our servers with Ansible used for configuration management.

Most of our work is open-source and can be viewed on the company GitHub account.

What we offer

  • An inspiring team of creative experts.
  • Excellent salary and benefits.
  • A great office location on the canals of Amsterdam.
  • A work environment which never fails to challenge, but also highly rewards the effort.

How to apply

Please send your resume and a short motivation letter to jobs@quintel.com.

About us

We help our clients answer questions like: "What does a climate neutral energy system for my area look like?". The ETM is used by governments, grid operators, consultants, NGO's, academics and others to research their options to bring down greenhouse gas emissions. Since the energy transition is a highly collaborative effort, the ETM is rapidly becoming a factual framework for discussions between various stakeholders in the energy transition.

Quintel develops the Energy Transition Model and is a Dutch company, with an office in the centre of Amsterdam. Our team gets the work done during office hours, so that we can enjoy our evenings, with the occasional after-work drinks.