Quintel Intelligence

Medior Ruby/Web Developer

Create state of the art applications and save the world in the meanwhile!

About the job

We are looking for a developer that:

  • likes to think out of the box and invent new solutions
  • is always looking to improve an existing code base
  • has a bit of OCD for code quality
  • prefers to re-use then to program
  • can switch from big picture to implementation details
  • can switch between working independently and together in a team
  • works (or wants to learn how to) test driven, or 'documentation driven'

Code base

Our codebase has something for everyone. 30% hardcore Ruby, 30% Javascript, (backbone.js, CoffeeScript, Meteor.js etc) 30% Rails and 10% other code. We have DSLs (for our non-programmers), API, fast EC2 instances for calculations.

Things we did before:

  • Git as a database
  • Open source projects, such as our graph library.
  • Custom graph query language to extract data from the model
  • Massive processing within a rails request (think thousands of ruby objects calculating energy flows)
  • Visualizations with D3.
  • ...much more!


You live in (ordered by preference): Netherlands, Europe, World. You are ready to move to Amsterdam and work from our offices in the center of Amsterdam.


Please send your resume and a short motivation letter to jobs@quintel.com. If you live abroad, the interview can be held on Skype.

About us

We answer questions like: "If everybody switched to electric cars, how many solar plants would have to be built?". The ETM is used by governments, companies and teachers to evaluate strategies dealing with events like high fuel prices, diminishing gas reserves and disruptive technologies.

Quintel develops the Energy Transition Model and is a Dutch (grown up) startup, with an office in the centre of Amsterdam. Our team gets the work done during office hours, so that we can enjoy our evenings, with the occasional after-work drinks.