Quintel Intelligence
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Quintel Intelligence is a Strategy, Energy Modeling and Research firm that assists central and local governments, companies, institutions and NGO's around the world in determining and quantifying how a climate neutral society can be achieved.


This short video on the IABR project provides a good illustration of our expertise:

Quintel's contribution starts at 1:28 min


Our team at Quintel consists of 8 people that do consulting, research, modeling, programming, and give workshops.

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We work closely together with many large companies, governmental organizations and NGOs in North West-Europe.


Together with our partners we develop the independent, fact-based and comprehensive Energy Transition Model. This model is freely available, open source and used for:

  • CO2 impact analysis
  • Estimating energy savings
  • Comparing different countries with each other
  • Facilitation of discussions on energy
  • ... and more