Koen van Bemmelen

Advisor / Researcher

Why did you choose Quintel Intelligence?

I enjoy unraveling complexity, working in close cooperation with others and contributing to society by tackling social issues from an alternative angle. My job at Quintel combines all of these aspects and allows me to delve ever deeper into one of the most fascinating issues of our time: the energy transition.

What do you value most in people?

Honesty, curiosity and empathy, especially when applied to oneself.

What drives you crazy?

People who constantly lay matters at someone else’s feet without critically examining their own role. And people who send .docx files instead of pdfs.

What is your favorite board game?

That is a tough one, but if I had to choose, I would go for Terra Mystica. Essentially no luck and all strategy, that game feels like a 21st century, multiplayer version of chess. Highly recommended.

Tell us a fun fact...

Did you know there is one sport that combines chess and boxing? It is – surprise, surprise – called chess boxing. You win either by knockout or checkmate.


  • MSc Applied Physics
  • BSc Liberal Arts and Sciences


  • Physics teacher (and co-founder) at ALASCA
  • Intern at BLOOM data consulting
  • Member of the Nationale DenkTank on education

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