HyChain1 - Future hydrogen demand in industry

This study explores the possible future role of hydrogen in different end-use sectors in the Netherlands with a focus on industrial demand. Also, it considers competing energy carriers for decarbonization of various sectors and the subsequent system implications. Quintel has used Energy Transition Model scenarios to consider how significant hydrogen demand impacts the whole energy system, from a point of view of security of supply, integration of offshore wind power, electrification of industry, domestic production potential and energy throughput to neighbouring countries. Quintel also made a first estimate of hydrogen demand in regional industrial clusters and how these depend on demand from surrounding countries.

The ISPT has initiated the HyChain program, in which ISPT and key industrial players in the Netherlands, try to answer the question of how to optimization of the full hydrogen value chain to deliver the lowest cost, carbon-neutral hydrogen to Dutch industries, and, which barriers and bottlenecks stand in the way.

Toegevoegde waarde project

  • Insight into tipping points
    What can make the difference in creating a hydrogen economy in the Netherlands?
  • Insight into potential role for hydrogen
    How much hydrogen is needed in a climate neutral energy system? What does this depend on? How does hydrogen interact with other parts of the energy system?
  • First steps in modeling
    Integral modeling in the ETM of supply and demand of hydrogen as well as potential imports, required storage, etc.


  • Systemic tipping points
    The most important factors influencing the importance of hydrogen in the future energy system
  • Report
    Extensive report with literature review of hydrogen demand scenarios, our own hydrogen demand scenarios, tipping points and system effects
  • Public summary
    Read the public summary on the ISPT HyChain website.




  • Institute for Sustainable Process Technology
Consortium partners
  • Royal Haskoning DHV
  • May 2019