This story about the future of the energy-intensive industries in the Netherlands outlines possible visions for different sectors of industry. These visions rely on a climate-neutral society in which sustainably generated energy is widely available. It outlines the trends which could radically transform our energy-intensive industries from the outside, and gives suggestions for the strategic steps we need to be taking in the next five to ten years in order to realize the outlined vision.

These visions and the steps we need to take to reach them have been discussed with representatives from the industries central to the report. This story is meant to be passed on, expanded and improved. All who have contributed to the creation of this report hereby invite you to contribute and let it grow.

This story does not intend to provide a detailed, exhaustive picture of the future. It has, however, attempted to involve all elements vital to the formation of a clear vision for a new, climate-neutral industry. And if we can imagine such a future, we can make it a reality! Additionally, most of the stories in this report are also supported with quantitative information from the energy scenarios supplied.

We invite everyone to color in this sketch we have made, and to work together with others to start taking concrete steps forward. If you like this story, please pass it on to friends, colleagues and acquaintances, so they too can feel inspired.